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We Are Noa Kai

Noa Kai is quality swimwear for the modern explorer. 

Noa Kai is designed and operated by mother-daughter duo Mika and Mari Suyama who spend their time between Miami, Hawaii, Tulum and Toronto. The brand grew out of a love—and obsession—for tropical adventure and the nomadic lifestyle.

Mika and Mari Suyama Noa Kai

We design our swimsuits to feature the most flattering cuts and use a quality Colombian material that offers tummy control and contouring. Our suits fit like a second skin meant to feel snug and secure when exploring from sea to jungle.

We make you look great—but we also make you feel great. Noa Kai manufactures by hand in eco-conscious facilities in Colombia that reduce material waste and use less water and energy during production.

Noa Kai colors and patterns are inspired by nature. The simplicity of our designs represents how we want our human footprint reflected on the environment—minimal, clean, and tasteful. Noa Kai strikes balance with the natural beauty of the world, with a focus on neutral tones and patterns seen in nature—allowing the wearer to become one with the environment instead of an out-of-place visitor.

We understand travel and shopping habits have changed. Noa Kais versatile, timeless, and classic designs allow travelers to shop smarter, pack lighter and always look great in our collection of swimwear basics.

We hope our swimwear will follow you to places inspired and unknown. 

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The Noa Kai Mission

To shake the notion that swimwear is one dimensional. The fashion world tends to focus on trends and fads. Noa Kai does not. We have created a brand of ‘interchangeable basics’ that is versatile, flexible, timeless, exceptionally designed, that will always be in style.

Basic, essential pieces are the way to go and the way to let your personality take the spotlight.

Our Name

Noa Kai is an interpretation of the Hawaiian words NOA (freedom) and KAI (sea). The brand was designed for the modern explorer. Experiencing freedom—fleeting or prolonged—breaking away from the everyday to be immersed in a new place and new culture is what Noa Kai is about.

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