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Packing Tips for the Modern Explorer

If you’re like us, you plan your itinerary down to the last detail, but expect it all to change once you arrive. The modern explorer is interested in real experiences, and sometimes that means being open to changing your plans.

Here are our top packing tips to save you time, money and hassle while on the road.

1. Use Packing Cubes

We don’t leave home without a set of mesh and nylon packing cubes. Skip the plastic and structured cubes that are heavier, don’t fold easily and won’t expand. The mesh and nylon allow you to stuff even more into a single cube and you can toss it in the wash after your trip. Use one cube for tops, one for bottoms and one for undergarments and swimwear. You can quickly find what you’re looking without making a mess in your luggage.

We love the Sharper Image 3 Piece Set for under $25

2. Roll Your Clothes

Roll your clothes to save space. The packing cube makes it easier to keep your rolled items in place. Rolling will also avoid excessive creasing, which means less time ironing and more time exploring! We also buy liquor and antiques when traveling. Instead of adding weight from the packaging and taking up space with bubble wrap, roll your clothes around your breakables.

3. Bring a Versatile Wardrobe

All Saints

Pack basic essential pieces that can be layered, mixed and matched, and dressed up or down. It’s easier than it sounds. Think of the simple black knee-length dress—perfect for a night out, or worn with a white linen tie top for a day at the local market. Throw on a shawl and you can now visit the cathedral.

One dress can serve many purposes. Avoid packing statement pieces that you wear once and refuse to wear again the same trip because you Instagrammed it last week in Paris. 

We love the versatile classic pieces from brands like All Saints

Versatility extends to swimwear too!

Noa Kai Swimwear Mix and Match

Noa Kai makes timeless swimwear versatile enough to take around the world and back. Our approachable luxury essentials never get boring and never go out of style. Save space in your luggage by choosing easy to wear mix and match swimwear basics. Wear a bold print paired with a solid, or throw on jean shorts or a long skirt to create an entire outfit using swimwear. 

The Leilani Bralette seen above on @noellegoulding can also double as a bra or yoga top. The double lined, buttery fabric makes Noa Kai swimsuits the perfect all-day option.

For another reversible and ultra versatile bikini top, check out the Mira Bandeau Bikini Top on

4. Be Ok with Travel Size

Many of the places you travel to also sell shampoo, toothpaste and sunscreen. If your airline is charging between $25 and $45 each way to check in luggage, opt to bring travel size toiletries and just buy refills on the road. You likely won’t spend $50 - $90 on toiletries anyway.  Save yourself the baggage fee, risk of lost luggage and wait time at the carousel. Travel is about experiences. Sometimes trying new local brands is part of the fun!

You'll quickly learn that you can live without all the luxuries of home. But if you’re brand loyal, use refillable containers for those must-have products. 

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